Arxus Rubber Treatment

Arxus Nanolatex helps to keep the natural rubber surface elastic and avoids the drying out effect. Nanolatex contains UV beam protection.

New boots from the box should be used for 4-5 days before applying the rubber treatment. Clean the boot in lukewarm water before applying the rubber treatment. Only a thin layer is required on the rubber surface. The boot becomes white for a while before the Nanolatex treatment combines with the natural rubber of the boot.

When to use the Nanolatex?

When the rubber surface becomes slightly harder the drying out process has begun. Nanolatex will restore the rubber to the same condition as a new pair with a gummy surface. Use Nanolatex even on the outer shell textile parts such as the zipper textile, canvas or neoprene bootleg. Nanolatex helps avoid soil or clay penetrating the textile fibres. Frequent use of Nanolatex increases the lifetime of the rubber by about 25%.

Contains   300ml