Arxus Primo Nord LW

Arxus Primo Nord LW is the ultimate, light and isolated natural rubber boot with a heat adjusting function which neutralize overheating and makes the boot comfortable even in warmer temperature. Only 100% natural rubber achieve a long lasting and a smooth movement.

Primo Nord LW is equipped by a high insulating capacity lining of 5 mm neopren added with 2 mm “Air Cell” lining. Air Cell is an open cell construction which achieve an important air layer between body and the neopren lining.

In case of overheating the warm moisture is spread out inside the open cells and evaporate along the shaft during movement. This technique achieves an all-around function boot from early autumn to the cold winter days.

The waterproof shaft is made by a strong “Rip Stop” fabric in combination of waterproof neopren. The textile shaft makes the boot extreme light and resistant towards sharp penetration injuries. If a penetration comes up by a sharp thorn, the 5 mm neopren do have a high level of self-tightening effect.

The half-length Riri zip at the rear side of the shaft allow to adapt the calf size into a personal fit. The real leather top edge piping together with the all-around locking strap ensure to achieve a stable and supporting fit despite of the soft textile shaft.

The Arxus X-Grip sole is constructed by 6 different technical layers. These layers give a market-leading comfort with the advantage of a smooth, stable and high grip function. A 5 mm removable EVA/felt insole increase the shock absorbance during walking and the isolation towards the ground.

Arxus Promo Nord LW is the new generation of high-tech, lightweight constructed boot incorporated into a traditional stylish design.

Classified for -20° C.

Size   EUR 37-47   |   UK 4.5-12

Less internal moisture with Open Air Cell lining Less internal moisture with Open Air Cell lining