Arxus Mono Nord

Arxus Mono Nord is a plain warm boot style, without any extra embellishment, developed for walking in demanding terrain, especially during colder weather. This style is closely related to the Pioneer Nord model, with the same internal technical construction, and has the same stability, comfort and durability. Mono

Nord is made from 100% natural rubber, which is common to all Arxus boots. Natural rubber ensures a long product life and a strong resistance to external impact. Mono Nord is lined with a 3 mm neoprene layer in a ´Bordeaux red` colour and is
classified for -15 °C . To avoid a tear out effect of the lining Mono Nord is fitted with an essential leather- like reinforcement at the heel inside the boot.

The Arxus X — pattern high grip sole is built in three technical layers which provide superb comfort, the correct support and extreme grip with our unique stud system. A removable anatomic felt lined EVA — insole increases the shock absorbing effect during walking.

Mono Nord is an ideal 'everyday' boot during the late autumn and winter season.

Size   EUR 36-48   |   UK 3.5-12.5