Arxus Heated Sole

Arxus Heated Sole. These insoles incorporate a Lithium-Ion battery which can be recharged with a separately included charger. Via a remote control the innersole heating element can be activated, with 3 levels of heat adjustment; high, medium and low according to demand. When the demand for additional heat within the boots arises it is recommended to start with the heat set at high. After a comfortable level of heat has been achieved it is then recommended to turn off or down to medium or low, thus saving battery operating time.

A fully charged battery has approximately 3 hours operating time at high level, 4 hours at medium, and 6 hours at low. The built-in Lithium-Ion battery can handle up to 500 recharge cycles, and it takes 7-8 hours to recharge the battery to full capacity if the battery has been fully discharged.

This heated insole adopts high efficiency carbon fibre heating materials, a large capacity and low temperature resistant battery, brand new circuit designs and a high strength protective circuit housing shell. The insoles are moulded by the latest technical process. The high-density Lithium-Ion battery can operate down to -40°C.

The electronic circuit and battery are protected by a steel shell which can withstand a pressure of 300 kg.

Size   EUR 38 - 47   |   UK 5 - 12