A good pair of boots is probably the most important item of outdoor equipment. When your feet are comfortable your enjoyment of the day is increased. Since starting as a ‘boot engineer’ in 1986 our objective has been to constantly offer boots of the utmost quality, combining the highest levels of comfort, practicality and durability with great design.

French made rubber boots were the first range of boots to be made for use in the tough terrain of Scandinavia and so they became the boot of choice for many people. However, in 2007 we decided to use the experience and set up our own brand to design, develop and produce a rubber boot range with a difference, under the ‘Arxus’ brand name.

Our desire was to set a new benchmark for high quality boots, and to replace the traditional view of rubber boots with a more varied collection designed specifically for many activities. To create an entirely new range of hand crafted natural rubber boots requires many years of experience and a great deal of expertise.

To meet the challenge of providing footwear to suit the varying conditions to be faced in the ‘great outdoors’ it is necessary to produce boots with the correct foot and leg support combined with different internal lining options, and with a durable construction. The Arxus range has developed into a collection containing many unique features which combine to set us apart from other brands.

Now at the forefront of rubber boot manufacture, Arxus is well established as a brand leader in terms of comfort, performance and lasting quality.